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   Cindy Hayden began her professional singing career in earnest later in life than many others because of the demands of raising her family. Nevertheless, she has been singing for groups of people since the age of five, starting out in church. Although she has only recently become active on the Blues scene (she has done stints with The Midnight Blues Band and the Phoenix, Arizona-based band The Bluzers), she has already worked with legendary greats like saxophonist Benny Poole and has entertained large audiences leading her own bands at fairs and festivals around mid Michigan. In 1997, she recorded and released her first CD which received critical acclaim and continues to sell quite well, stateside and abroad. She also performeded at several clubs in New Orleans that same year. So... singing is far from new to Cindy. Still, the real adventure is just beginning for her now that she fronts her own band and can dedicate all her talents and boundless energies toward the music she loves. She has a strong, clear voice and her love for the music is obvious in her delivery and stage presence. She recently won the J.E.A. Best Vocalist of the Year Award and she has a steadily growing fan-base that seldom fails to turn out for one of her performances. What's even more surprising is that despite her immense talent and her driving dedication to advancing her music, she is also one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.