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    Cindy Hayden, often referred to as the Dominatrix of the Blues, drives her band relentlessly forcing them to play in all kinds of bizarre situations for practically no pay at all. She arrives in style cruising up in the famously luxurious Mojo Phoenix Tour Bus while the rest of the band is forced to straggle along behind using whatever means they can manage (even Ughh...public transport!). Each unfortunate member of her band lives in near-poverty and dreads the inevitable moment when they'll receive "The Look" while performing at some backwoods voodoo sacrifice or dog fight. Even her audience seems bound to attend her concerts by some perceived threat, or perhaps, the fear of a visit from her goon squad in the dead of night.    Regardless, her shows are lively affairs that are well-received by the press and unsuspecting "newbies". She is somehow able to convince them that it is all fun and games, though just below the shallow exterior lies a heart and mind of a psychopathic bully. It's rumored her excellent singing voice was gained through some mysterious "deal" with an unnamed stranger of undisclosed and dubious background. Her apparent good nature and pleasant demeanor allow her to glide through life without a care despite her black and shriveled heart. Without her, the band would dissipate like an awful but slowly fading nightmare. In short, Cindy Hayden is Mojo Phoenix and there's nothing you or anyone can do to help.