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      Blues Adventure Nights is what we have named an ongoing project to raise awareness of Blues music in the community. Due largely to strict drinking and driving laws and our struggling economy, many venues that would like to host live music are frustrated by poor attendance. Slipped Disc Productions in conjunction with local and regional Blues bands offer these businesses the chance to have quality bands play for these special events at no charge. The hope is that businesses and the general public will see that Blues music fans are, on-the-whole, a peaceful group when compared to rock, rap or even country music audiences. They come to a concert to enjoy the music and not to "get drunk" or cause trouble. All they ask is a safe, friendly environment in which to relax and listen.


      In the case where these venues are marketed toward family-friendly entertainment, the performances are generally augmented by a co-existing program that we have named The Harmonica Hounds. In this special segment, the first 100 children under the age of 12 years old are called up front collectively and each is given an harmonica. They also receive other items such as free T-shirts with the Harmonica Hounds logo emblazoned on the front, sunglasses, Blues Brothers-style hats, etc. They are given a quick lesson on how to care for and play the harmonica and are introduced to several other instruments as well. Then all the children get up in front of the stage and perform right alongside the band members. It's a precious moment and a great photo opportunity for the parents. The Harmonica Hounds program has been a great success at all of the Blues Festivals that S.D.P. and the Jackson Area Blues Society have thus far produced.

      These events are made possible by local service organizations (such as Kiwanis Clubs) and concerned businesses in the community. Funding is solicited in advance by Slipped Disc Productions, to cover the costs of the harmonicas, T-shirts, etc. as well as a small stipend for the performing musicians. The hope is that these performances will inspire audiences and potential Blues venues alike to make an effort to support this rewarding art form.
      In 2002 and 2003, we brought this successful show to Jackson's Cascade Falls Park no less than 8 times as well as a handful of other local locations. If you would like to sponsor one of these Blues Adventure Nights, please see our Sponsors page or call 517 796-9368.

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