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      As the harp player for the band Mojo Phoenix, many people have asked me where they could get lessons to learn how to play the harmonica. Well, you can get lessons from us, of course. Please just call and we’ll try to work around your schedule to set up regular practice sessions.
      There are many different types of harmonicas and there are many different styles of harmonica playing. Most people I run across just want to play their favorite melodies. I am happy to teach them how to sight-read harmonica tablature and become competent melody harp players. That said, I must say that I am most interested in Blues-style (or crossharp) harmonica playing. Students who are fans of Blues are therefore most likely to gain full benefit of what expertise I lay claim to. I am the first to admit that I am not a master harp player and am still perfecting my own knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, I have learned much and am willing to help get you pointed in the right direction.

      Lessons (generally held in my home) are $15 for a half hour or $20 for 40 min. I have developed a teaching system that includes printed handout studies as well as jam-a-long recordings made for reinforcing the various concepts as they are introduced. Material is selected to fit the age and skill level of the students, which range from 5 to 97.
      In addition to my own supervision, my bass-playing husband, Tom Fuller, often accompanies, which helps to show how it all fits together musically. It not only helps in gaining a more solid understanding of the current lesson, it is usually a lot of fun.


      If you would like to learn how to play the electric bass guitar, Tom is very good at teaching that instrument. He can also help with learning the basics of guitar playing. (Rates are the same as for harmonica lessons above)
His methods focus on music theory and visualization of the fretboard. Sight reading is not necessary and the concepts he teaches are applicable to all music styles. Motivated students are encouraged to call.

Please call for lessons today. Cindy Hayden (517) 796-9368